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In conjunction with the USGS, Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District has installed a Stream Gauge on the Blackfork and a precipitation project.  The gauges will allow city officials and the public to view real time information on the level of the Blackfork and how much rain has fallen.  Click on the follwing links to read the data for each gauge and sign up for alerts!.  Rain Gauge    Stream Gauge.

We have a history of flooding…
 The purpose of this Web Page is to inform you of the flood hazards associated with the Black Fork of the Mohican River and the associated tributaries such as Seltzer Park Creek, Tuby Run, and Hartman Bargheiser Ditch.

Main Street 2007Floodwaters can rise very fast due to dangerous flash flooding during or following heavy storms, snowmelt or winter ice jams. The flood hazard includes fast moving water and is sometimes accompanied by logs and other debris. Major flooding occurred in 1913, 1959, 1987 and 2007. Photos of some of the floods may be viewed in the Building and Zoning Department at City Hall.

City Flood Services:      

Central Avenue 2007Flood Insurance Rate Maps and flood protection references are available to be reviewed at the Marvin Memorial Library. You can also visit the Building and Zoning Department at City Hall to see if you are in a mapped 100-year floodplain or floodway. The 100 year floodplain is the area that will be flooded on the average of once every 100 years. To put it another way, it has about a 25% chance of being flooded over the life of a 30 year mortgage. Smaller floods have a greater chance of occurring in any year and can still create a significant flood hazard to people and property close to the channels. Additional information such as the elevations for new construction and substantial improvements is also available. The Sewer Maintenance Department upon request, will visit a property to review a flood problem and explain ways to stop flooding or prevent flood damage due to a drainage or sewer backup problem. Their phone number is 419-347-7453.
Shelby has developed a flood warning system for areas in the flood hazard areas. These

warnings will be disseminated over the cable TV system and by the citywide sirens and public address system. The flood warnings system is designed to provide up to one hour advance warning of a flood hazard. Flash Flood Watch means that flash flooding is possible within the watch area. Flash Flood Warning means that flash flooding is imminent or has been reported in the warning area.

What you can do :

 The City’s efforts depend on your cooperation and assistance. Here is how you can help:

 Flood Proofing Measures: 

Building codes require new construction and substantial improvements of any structure to have the lowest floor, including the basement, elevated to the 100- year flood elevation. With existing structures, equipment and materials should not be located or stored below the floodplain elevation.   Non residential buildings shall be constructed to either have the lowest floor, including the basement, elevated to the 100-year flood elevation or be flood proofed so the structure is substantially impermeable to the passage of water to one foot above the 100 – year flood elevation. Structural components must be capable of resisting hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loads and effects of buoyancy. A professional engineer or architect must certify the design and construction methods are in accordance with accepted standards of the floodplain ordinance.

Flood Insurance:

Homeowner’s insurance policies will not cover losses due to flooding. Shelby participates in the National Flood Insurance Program that makes flood insurance available to everyone in the City. For many people, their home and its contents represent their greatest investment. We strongly

urge you to consider flood insurance to protect yourself from devastating losses due to flooding. Information about flood insurance can be obtained from your insurance agent. You do not have to live in the floodplain to qualify for insurance. Property owners can insure their buildings and contents and renters can insure their possessions. Just because your house has not flooded in the recent past does not mean that you are safe. There is a five-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy takes effect. A flood Insurance Rate Map Determination can be obtained from the Building and Zoning Department at no charge by contacting them at 419-347-4889. Copies of FEMA Elevation Certificate on all buildings constructed in the floodplain since 1992 are available at the Building and Zoning Office.

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Flood Safety:

  1. Know the flood warning alarms and procedures.
  2. Plan escape routes to higher ground.
  3. During times of heavy rainfall, monitor the level of water in drainage ways. Stay tuned to radio or TV for possible flood warnings.
  4. Evacuate flood hazard areas in times of impending floods or when advised.
  5. Do not attempt to cross a flooding stream on foot or by car.   If your car stalls in high water, abandon it immediately and seek higher ground. flood_car
  6. Keep children away from flood waters, ditches, culverts and storm drains.
  7. Be cautious at night

This map shows the 100 year flood plains in the shaded gray areas.

flood map



Additional information about flood insurance, flood facts and flood proofing is available from FEMA at:

Come Rain, Come Shine

A case study of a FloodPlain Relocation Project at Soldiers Grove Wisconsin