City of Shelby, Division of Electric & Telecommunications

Municipal Light Plant


light plant

Darrell Porter
34 Mansfield Avenue

» Responsiveness to community needs…

» Greater citizen say in how the utility is run...

» Nonprofit rates..

» Community development.

These are some of the reasons why people today say they prefer publicly owned power systems, like Shelby’s Division of Electric.

Since December of 1890 Shelby Municipal Light Plant has been generating electricity for the community.  The power plant provides many functions, not only diesel peaking generation but also base load coal fired generation.  Personnel within the plant are also responsible for the operation of the protection equipment on many of the circuits.  Despite the constantly changing environmental impacts, the plant has been able to maintain generation availability over 90% of the time for many years.

The plant currently supplies approximately 2/3 of the city’s electric requirements, with purchases through American Municipal Power, Ohio supplying the remainder.  The reliability of our local generation is dependent on the dedication, knowledge, and expertise of the sixteen operations personnel at the plant.

Darrell Porter, Superintendent, can be reached at 419-342-2231.